“Through the project, I received help in choosing a career as well an appropriate school for it. The information obtained will help me decide on a profession I can work in despite my disability.”

(9th-grade primary school student)

“Before joining the project, I thought that due to my illness, my opportunities for further study in high school were not equal to others. However, with all the necessary help offered by the professional working in the project, I managed to overcome any potential problems, decided on a profession I liked, and found an appropriate high school. I got the most out of the project in terms of my higher self-esteem.”

(9th-grade primary school student)

“A path full of thorns is transformed into a smooth one, so you can pave it with success.”

(4th-year secondary school student).

“Joining the project is meaningful to me because if you have health problems or suffer from  physical disability, like myself, involvement in the project facilitates a path to employment, as they (the professionals working in the project) link you with employers. By joining the project I have gained new knowledge and acquaintances.”

 (4th-year secondary school student).

“The project allows us, the group of young people with special needs, to get the necessary assistance we need to enter the labour market. I think the project is very important because it allows employers, as well as society in general, to accept us as equal to others with only a slight difference, namely having a bit different needs. Personally, I have benefited a lot from the project, but the most important thing is that it is easier to imagine a more secure and stable future.”

(1st-year university student)

“For my 19-year-old daughter who suffers from an autistic disorder, this project has been very good and welcome. Joining the YOUTH TRANSITION project enabled her to be re-integrated into the outside world, into activities and daily routines. She works with people who understand her condition and the situation. While participating in the project, we have managed to arrange a permanent home address and social status for her.”

(Student’s mother)

“Without the assistance of the professionals from the YOUTH TRANSITION project, we would feel lost, as they helped us with career orientation and the many steps needed to enrol in high school, and also advised us on other procedures and rights we are entitled to.”

(Parents of a 9th-grade primary school student)