For employers

Why join the YOUTH TRANSITION project?
  • Because this is one of the options you can use to show your social responsibility.
  • Because you can become acquainted with the many business opportunities that you are eligible for when employing young people with special needs or people with disabilities.
  • Because young people can bring new energy and new ideas to a company.
  • Because we provide professional assistance and support throughout the process of integrating young people with special needs into the working environment.
  • Because we can provide advice on appropriate adaptation of the workplace and making adjustments to the job and means of work.
  • Because we can offer you the opportunity to collaborate with the education system.
  • Because we can offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the young person before employment and make him/her ready for future recruitment in line with your needs.

How you can play a part in the project:

  • By providing young people with special needs an opportunity to do their practicum,
  • By providing young people with special needs an opportunity to test themselves in a real work setting (i.e. work test) or enable training, or
  • By employing a young person with special needs.

For more information, please browse our website and get acquainted with the project, its objectives, goals and target group. You can also find information about the project partners and their contacts. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you through our e-Counselling, where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Why employ a person with special needs?

  • Because people with special needs, with appropriate support, can be as good and effective as other workers.
  • Because people with special needs have lots to offer, not only to employers but also the wider society.
  • Because research shows that, in general, employers are very satisfied with workers with special needs.
  • Because the employment of people with special needs offers an opportunity to quash some stereotypes.
  • Because we believe you are a socially responsible company.

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